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Freedom Toons:

"A Very Fauci Christmas"

"A Very Cuomo Christmas"

"1 Eternity To Flatten The Curve"

"Essential Protests, Non Essential Work"

"Airlines In 2021"

"Joe Rogan Threatens Dr. Sonjay Gupta"

"Joe Rogan Gives Bad Health Advice???"

"Dr. Fauci's Emails"

"Wear The Mask"

"Imagine No 🅱️oronavirus"

"Dr. Dog Killer"

"Dr. Fauci's Senate Hearing"

"Take The Vaccine Selfie"

"If 🅱️OVID was an STD"

"Biden Debates Biden On The Jab Mandate"

Made by JimBob:

"TedK Talk"

"Peak Dada"

"Health Care"

"Lost Footage"

"Billy Wanka"

"Freedom of Choice"

"Oprah and Gates"

Common Sense Soapbox:

"If Lockdown Saves Just One Life..."