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Freedom of Speech - Black Pegasus

Are You Interested? (Yes, They're Making Lists) - Cog

Safety Mask - Media Bear

A/CDC Pfizer Struck - Crumb

No More Lockdown
- Van Morrison

Stand and Deliver
- Performed by Eric Clapton, Written by Van Morrison

This Has Got To Stop
- Eric Clapton

This Has Got To Stop - Slowhand & Van Version
- Eric Clapton & Van Morrison

- Slowhand & Van (Eric Clapton & Van Morrison)

I Told You So
- Conspiracy Music Guru

Television Watching News Believer
- Conspiracy Music Guru

Vax That Thang Up Response
- Sampson

C-O-V-I-D 1984
- Chief Crow & The Flat Earthworms

Mask of the Beast
- Chief Crow & The Flat Earthworms

I Don't Believe In Covid
- Jake Gibson (Jake The Asshole)

Covid-19 (Pestilence)
- Necro

Coronavirus Pandemic (Spreading the Disease)
- Necro

Medical Mask Wearing S.O.B. - Zane

Kottonmouth Kings - Peace Not Greed