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Anti-Freedom Propaganda

Some of the most bizarre and cult-like behavior ever recorded.  You've never seen folks shuck n jive for shekels, shill for Big Pharma, or lick Big Gov's boots harder than these soul'd out fartists.
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Vax That Thang Up feat. Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, & Mia X - Presented by BLK
While no one can truly take this they must be joking around, right?  No.  SNL is further down on this page.  This is for real, yo.

There Is No Poison - Amber Ruffin & Some Dude Named James
This is also known on the streets as "Ultra-Cringefest" get ready to turn this shit down then completely off.  Isn't there something better on FITE?

Boomers Got The Vax - SNL
A divide and conquer ageist propaganda piece that is actually really of course ridicule, Rule #5 in Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals, is one of the most effective psychological warfare tactics.

We Ain't Got Worms - Bruce W. Nelson
Let's see his Wormer Passport to make sure he's not lying.  Wouldn't want him to spread his worms to everyone else.  Probably needs to wear Double Diaper...face & protect others.  #FlattenTheWorm