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Canadian Freedom Fighting Truckers - LIVE STREAM COVERAGE!

We're bringing you that breaking live stream coverage from The Freedom Convoy Protest in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!


Tuesday, February 8th @ 10:20 PM

Tuesday, February 8th @ 6:24 PM

Tuesday, February 8th @ 6:24 PM

Ottawalks seems like a fine apolitical "city blogger" channel to check out Ottawa through bike rides & walks around the Capitol of Canada.  For now looks like the channel's all about capturing the Anti-Tyranny Trucker Convoy action as they have a bunch of live streams posted. If you can check out their IG and FB and give'm a follow.


Tuesday, February 8th @ 3:40 PM

Monday, February 7th @ 10:22 PM

Monday, February 7th @ 3:21 PM

Sunday, February 6th #3

Sunday, February 6th #2

Sunday, February 6th #1

Saturday, February 5th

Guess ZOT usually does prank videos but is apparently taking a break in order to bring us a fresh perspective from the streets of Ottawa.

Go ahead and follow him on YouTube & InstaGram, if you want to...but if the VaxNazis & MaskCommies have their way...and they usually do have their way...then he will likely be banned anytime now for showing us the uncensored truth. 

YouTube is definitely up to it's old tricks...ensuring ZOT and others do not earn any payment from monetizing their work by allowing frivolous copyright claims to be filed by multi-million dollar multimedia companies all because a snippet of a shitty song is heard playing in the background.    (Even though it's legal "incidental use.")

Check out this screen shot of just one of his videos:

God forbid he's ever hit for "accidentally capturing sound" from a Neil Young song...he might get canceled by YouTube.

Because even though you'd think this "PROTESTING FOR FREEDOM" shiznit would be right up Neil Young's alley and even though he's from Toronto, Ontario, Canada...he is not going to stand with "We The People" over in Ottawa...or any where else on Earth...because the companies that own the stage name "Neil Young" & the rights to his music might be using his "hippie rock 'n' roll icon character" as a damp sock puppet to pretend the real Neil Young threw a Face Diaper Baby tissy fit about his music being on the same platform as Toe Rogan's podcast.

If you are might be asking: "Why would the people who own "Neil Young" do something nefarious like that?"

LOL...young padwan...come sit down under the learning tree.

They would do something like that in order to silence any opposition to forced injections of experimental "gene therapy" pharmaceutical drugs with zero manufacturer or injector liability.

Viva Frei

Tuesday, February 8th @ 11:17 AM

Monday, February 7th

Saturday, February 5th

Friday, February 4th


This fella is hittin' your seeing skull marbles with that Idocracy-type multi-screen stream. 

It reminds you of playing 4 Player Golden Eye on the ol' Ultra64.  (Nintendo64 was such a "meh" name...everybody knows that ish should've stayed "ULTRA 64.")

Follow him on his YouTube and you'll also get to see his awesome metal detecting stuff, drone videography, and various other vids.

Tuesday, February 8th @ 10:33 AM

Thursday, February 3rd

He's got a shit ton more that are each several hours long so go check'em out if you want to go insane

An 11 Hour Long 4 Screen Live Stream?

Adam Nucci

This guy looks like he does "Man on the Street"-type interview stuff.  You can follow'm on his YouTube or InstaGram.

Monday, February 7th @ 9:59 PM

Sunday, February 6th

Kevin Kaye

Here's a dude who has his own website, an FB, an IG, and a Twitter...promoting his DJ work, mobile app development business, and video production.

Wednesday, February 9th @ 11:15 AM


A neat channel for videos about heavy equipment like motor graders, wheeled loaders and well as other home improvement-type videos.

The man who runs this bad boy is a photographer with pics up on Getty Images for you to gander at.

Wednesday, February 9th @ 12:30 PM

Mainstreet Canada


Wednesday, February 9th @ 12:40 PM

If you have a Freedom Fighting Trucker Convoy live stream from Ottawa...or anywhere else on this infinite plane of existence...shoot it our way by clicking HERE!

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