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Flip-Flophouse: "Medical Expert" Leana Wen Exposed In Compilation Video

Published February 14th, 2022
By Kyle Reese

Have you ever seen this Pharmaceutical Psycho...err..."Doctor" say that Americans don't have a Constitutionally-protected God-given Right to travel State to State without being forcefully raped with a syringe full of an indemnified chemical concoction and sharing that "proof of vaxxxination" (aka private medical information) at some KGB-esque check point?  See for yourself:

(Sidenote: Anyone notice Jeffery "I Pull My PeePee Out While On CNN Zoom Meetings" Toobin in the bottom left square?  LOL.  "CNN...The Most Trusted Name In Fake News.")

The former CEO of Planned Parenthood also said "we can't trust the Unvaccinated" and something like "the Unvaccinated shouldn't be able to go outside" according to Reason:

Oh, we know what you're thinking:

(This is just one of our Pre-Cogs from Minority Report...we have 3 total.)

But you should NOT think for yourself or "do your own research."

Just trust "The Wen-digo" Leana Wen when she says it's not "force" or a "violation of your rights."

(Something Joe "Not The Wendigo" certainly agrees with.)

You just have to take the a "Spike Protein Poke"...(well...POKES, plural...with an "S")...or else have a long ass q-tip...made of who knows what...made by who knows who...made who knows where...rammed into your brain several times a week (or day).

AND THEN you must share those results with via "Vax Passport"...with some sort of State Border Police or Military...or else you cannot go from Ohio to Indiana, California to Arizona, Canada to the USA, NSW to Queensland, etc., etc.

Pretty sure that's just plain ol' irrefutable, unchanging "SCIENCE"...definitely NOT THE STRANGE RELIGION KNOWN AS "SCIENTISM."

Anyone saying otherwise is definitely a "white supremer" who supports "racist truckers."

The American Civil Liberties Union, who used to fight guessed it: American Civil Liberties...but who now shills for dudes pulling their "female penises" out at Women's spas...doubled down on this "SCIENTIFIC" notion by fighting against religious exemptions to vaxxxine mandates and posting the following "Freedom Fact" on their website:

"Vaccines are a justifiable intrusion on autonomy and bodily integrity.  That may sound ominous, because we all have the fundamental right to bodily integrity and to make our own health care decisions.  But these rights are not absolute.  They do not include the right to inflict harm on others."

That's right YOU ANTI-VAX PIECE OF're guilty 'til proven innocent...err...sick until tested negative or quadruple vaxxxinated!

If you don't want to take needle drugs in which the manufacturer of AND administrator of have zero legal liability...then it's YOU...not the needle rapist...that is putting "OTHERS" at "risk of harm."

That's because YOU being harmed doesn't matter as much as "OTHERS."

Your mental health, your suicidal thoughts, your physical well being, your allergies, your religion, your struggling business, and/or you loosing your job(s) thanks to MaskNazis & VaxSegregation does not even come close to mattering as much as "OTHERS."

It's all about the "OTHERS"...don't you care about...the "OTHERS"!?!

The "Others" are all the good, obedient, unquestioning sheeple...whom you don't know and have never met...from around the World who don't mind wearing 3 masks on top of one another and who jump at the chance to ingest infinite Biontech boosters...and you're KILLING them with your selfishness.

"Others" cannot be you, your "friends"... your "kids"...your "Family"...or your "employees"...or your "pets" don't try to say some shit like:


(You're starting to sound a lot like Grunge Scotty Flamingo.)

Stop being so selfish, jeesh.

By not "accepting" these forced medical's like you're being an old fashioned, backwards, out-dated, snobby nun who won't just throw your virginity, morality, integrity, and bodily autonomy out the window...pop a "Morning After Pill"...and let random, ankle-monitored criminals "hit it & quit it."

Just let it happen.  Take the MONEY $HOT.  Don't be a Vaxxxine Prude.

And remember: Traveling is not a God-given Human Right...but rather...a government-loaned "privilege" that can be taken away if you don't accept these encroachments and expose your private medical information.

All kidding aside..."Lyin' Leana" isn't joking around as she didn't just say it once...but several times while appearing in multiple Fake News segments ("brought to you by Pfizer") meant to soften up the American viewer into allowing such technocratic-pharma-fascist government control to kick in without putting up any resistance

BUT...there's good news:  Leana "The Wen-ch" has been exposed by some anonymous beautiful bastard out there on the wild, wild interwebs...who cached a grip of her Big Pharma/Big Government propaganda pieces and chopped'em up into a tight lil' compilation video of her "CoVid Contradictions."

Over at they report: 

"Throughout the pandemic, many Americans turned to CNN commentator and World Economic Forum young global leader Leana Wen for advice on how to navigate the Covid landscape.

A new video compilation, however, reveals the former Planned Parenthood president for what she truly is – a globalist hatchet man for the New World Order promoting whatever talking points the establishment wants her to push."