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Published January 6th, 2022
By Kyle Reese

Did any of us actually think that the "Ruling Class" would be wearing the "Face Diapers" they told us to wear and doing the "social distancing" they told us to do...when they're behind the camera...away from the public? 

If you thought all that "posing in custom printed Ritualistic Shame Muzzles" as soon as the cameras were rolling and all the "Stand 6 Feet Apart" floor decal propaganda was sincere...then you probably also did a creepy-as-fuck choreographed secret high-five routine after watching NASA's CGI footage and are either on your way to get your booster shot(s)...or you've already gotten your first boost.  (Certainly, not your last. #timetoboost)

The G-7 Summit 2021 saw all sorts of warlocks and witches from House of Slytherin gather to breathe fresh air unrestricted and to munch on high priced gourmet food made & served by "Masked Muggles." 

(Remember that one line from The Bible: "Rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy." (Revelation 13:1)

G7's Lolita Express Plane Pal, Bill Gates, was seen without a pair of "Terror Air Everywhere Chin Trousers" on his face...despite going on Seth Meyer's use-ridicule-as-propaganda late night "comedy" show and creating a use-ridicule-as-propaganda podcast with "Parks & Recreation" D list actress and anti-Gun, anti-Free Speech leftist Rashida promote the hate-fill disinformation that non-medically licensed entities forcing medical devices like "Human Health Harnesses" to obstruct airways & communication and help violent criminals remain anonymous is just like "wearing pants." 

(LOL...When's the last time a pair of pants made you depressed, suicidal, fearful of others, choked you out, or disguised a criminal's face so you can't identify them?  When you wore JNCO Jeans?)

(Later in the New York Post can see a picture of him in an "Alien Face Huggie" as he must've noticed the paparazzi snappin' undercover shots and quickly slapped that thang on.)

Wait...there's more.

Remember AOC?  (Speculation has it her name is a Spanglish acronym for "A Cassio Occassional-Cortex"...probably named after a cool 80's synth keyboard with low memory.) 

She virtue signaled to the hate-filled, hyperactive hypochondriacs & unelected "health authorities" by putting on a visibly-soiled "Democrat Doily" for a non-socially distanced group photo.

When we say her filthy "Face Diaper" was full of shit...we mean it in two ways: It's a fraudulent performance prop AND it's actually covered in stinky dookie streaks:

Escape From New York was an awesome John Carpenter movie starring Kurt Russel but it's also a description of what AOC did when she flew to Florida to enjoy a (gasp!) mask-less lunch.

Legend has it that after her "Florida FaceBra-Free Brunch"...she went...(gasp!)..."over state lines" visit the kids in Biden Cages over in the Independent Republic of Texas (pronounced "Tay-Hoss") to see if she could borrow a couple of kids for a Spirit Cooking over at Hitlery KKKillTons...but she was quickly dispatched by Border Patrol. #wearamask

(For the urinalists who will likely lie & misrepresent this hilarious SNL's MacGruber-esque sequence as a "call to violence"...this sarcastic meme twisting Sarah Connor's nuclear nightmare with AOC's use of children as a tool to get votes is not an endorsement of the Border Patrol to use flame throwers on wahmen suspected of attempted kidnapping...nor is it an endorsement of any kind of violence towards anyone.  Duh!  It's just a funny joke like Snoop Dogg and Kathy Griffith did with Trump.  Chill out, bub.)

Here's a Department of Justice "Official" seen putting the "Sham Wow" on...then wearing it for the cameras...only to remove it to speak and "selfishly spew spike proteins around the room."

Mask-Commissar posing as a CNN reporter @kaitlancollins joined in on the act as she was caught removing her "Breath Blocker" at a presser, as soon as she thought cameras were off:

Beetlejuice's...errr...Lorie Lightfoot's WarZone Shit Hole Chicago is a "MaskCommie & VaxNazi Police State" poppin' with high horse(face) hypocrisy.  (And it's also poppin' due to a lot of crime featuring criminals in masks.)  Check this out:

What about this lil' leprechaun fella?  Looks like even Ireland has a hypocrite politician problem.

Then there was the 2021 World Trade Center ceremony photo shoot, reported by the New York Post, where Joebama & The DemonKKKrats wore their "Nasty AssMasks" to say "CHEESE!" but then quickly disposed of them.  Likely floppin' the "Soiled Mouth Covers" onto the ground for janitorial goyim at the very bottom of the caste system to pick up with their bare, unprotected fingers.  Yucky.

Petty "Tissue Tyrants" from the West Coast are down to disregard their own "Muzzle Mandates," too.

Taxpayer-Teat-Suckling Diane Feinstein...wants to ban your favorite, Family-defending guns and make you wear a "Chin Chastity Belt"...but she has her own guns & private security guards with guns and she doesn't have to comply with the "Oral Underwear" order.

A smiling "Fugly Feinstein" was also seen walking through the "Breath Burka Bolshevik" -riddled airport:

Cobra Twin Xamot Governor Gavin "Gruesome" Newsome and other California Crazins...who were partying, sans-máscara, like it's 2019 up in this bitch, according to Politico and L.A. Times...give zero fucks about obeying the "Pleb Policies" they created for the serfs.

Can you believe it?  Not the fact that these lizard people don't follow their own rules.  Hell, that's a given.  Duh.  No...the question is:

Can you believe that this Bill Melugin fella is still tweeting?  Is he still alive?  Can someone check on him, please?  One can only assume he must be "trying to commit suicide", #ClintonBodyCount -style, as he just keeps droppin' dimes of evidence on these dastardly decievers...even zooming in & using a circular highlight to show you exactly who it is.

That brave, "suicidal" man deserves one of those "Budweiser Real Men of Genius" commercials...or at least a parody by Darrin McBreen and Owen Shrowyer from  Salute to you, sir.

BUT... can't go off to secret dinner clubs, vacations, and secretive pedophile islands if our kids can't go to the indoctrination center school without having a packaged-in-a-3rd-world-sweatshop giant Q-Tip swab rammed up their little noses and a "Cobra Compliance Cloth" strapped to their precious faces, blocking their access to fresh air.

Y'all motherfuckers aren't going to just dance around, eatin' scrimps n sheeeeit...snappin' group photos, doin' that fake ass "kiss the cheek" thing they do in Italy...flying on private jets, drinkin' Courvoisier all smug-like with your pinky up...without social disancing....without face diapers...while trying to use the violent force of the Empire's Storm Troopers...errr...the coppers to stop us, THE PEOPLE, from simply going to the store, getting an education, seeing our Family members who are in the hospital, and having people over for Thanksgiving dinner.

(Oh...welp...looks like you needle prick-lovin' pricks actually are going to do just that.  Adrenochrome sippin' sons of bitches.)

(Titty twist any little girls while you were there, Creepy Joe?  YOU SICK FUCK!)

No wonder some dude tried to merc y'all with a crossbow.  LOL.  Ghislaine (Hehe...JizzLane) Maxwell's pal, Prince Andrew was like:

(Off to (kangaroo) court you go, now, Princey.)

And it's also no wonder some absolute SIGMA slapped the ever lovin' crap out of Macron:

That shit's hilarious but know we don't condone or advocate violence towards anyone.  Just throw pulled air punches at pictures of'em and pretend those snobs sell it like on Botchamania:

Of course, if you're reading already know there is a Worldwide Fake News Media that coordinates to defend the Royal Class via Operation Mockingbird...with commentators gaslighting us with"Fact Checks" like how USA Today does here:

"...the Bidens and the queen have been vaccinated against the virus, along with other world leaders that were in attendance. The G-7 summit also had coronavirus restrictions in place such as daily testing requirements, social distancing and outdoor gatherings."

(BIG LOL...Weren't "Fact Checks" just revealed as opinions in a court of law? HA HA!)

And like clockwork...we all knew the "6uild 6ack 6etter" Bozos would say they're all "fully vaxxxed"...even though Sleepy Joe basically said that being "vaxxxinated doesn't matter" and they still have to wear "Scowl Scanties."  Remember?

So who knows if they really are vaxxxinated with the "Venom"?  Because...believe it or not...politicians...they could lie.  We've heard it's happened before.

Like how Witch Doctor Fauci lied about trying to kill "Vaccinating Santa." 

(Nooooooooo! Say it ain't so Santa!)

Spoiler Alert: Santa is the embodiment of "The Spirit of Christmas."  He's your Parents and their thoughtfulness, kindness, love, and hard work just to be able to watch you smile while opening a present.  He's an integral part of our festive decorations.  He's a Coke spokesman.  But Santa cannot be Vaxxxinated.  He's not real, guy.  Not anymore, at least

So even joking about this sickening shit, gleaming with duper's delight, shows a propensity for weaving fables and falsehoods.  Which is probably why MediaBear dropped that instant Christmas classic: "Fauci The Conman."

And while Santa is played by a real, human actor (we think) in malls, plays, & movies...Santa does not actually exist in our reality just like "The Coof" does not exist in our reality.  It only exists on the TV, on the computer, and in the stupid smartphone.  Ya know...if you think like a sneaky snake wrapped around a makes sense to lie about both.

But with "America's Favorite Doctor" NEVER LYING and always doing "good deeds" with zero financial incentives clouding his makes you wonder why the National Geographic-produced propaganda fluff piece mockumentary...errr..."documentary"...creatively & simply named: "Fauci"...was ratio'd with far more downvotes than "Likes"...leading YouTube to remove the public Dislike count in an attempt to quell growing dissent & stop those who might feel the same way from figuring out that they are not alone, keeping them from realizing just how unpopular the "Pastors of the Plannedemic" really are.

(Bet all those Biden/Harris videos with like 10 trillion "thumbs down" helped push this YouTube change, too.)

Maybe next Doctor Mindbender...Doctor Doom...errr...Doctor Anthony Fauxi could win back the public by doing an interview where he claims to have vaxxxinated The Simpsons' kids.  It's likely he can get Lisa and Maggie (pushovers)...but fuckin' way, Brosef Mengele.  Tony Jabroni isn't even close to being as skilled in the art of "Inoculation Assassination" as ever-agile Dr. Hibbert.

Liars don't have to drop bold face fibs to deceive...they could omit it completely.  Omission is a form of lying that politicians tend to be very good at.  One has to ask very specific questions to get the truth out in tiny bits and pieces from a manipulator of this kind.  And that's if they allow you to ask them questions.

They may have an exemption.  (What are those!?!

Several US Navy members, including Navy SEALS, were flat out denied Religious Exemptions.  The rejections are contradicting the idea that these brave souls, and the bad asses that came before them, fought for their country and won "Freedoms"...(remember "Wars"?)...when reality is showing them that they actually lost their Constitutionally-protected, God-given Rights.  They are suing Barry Otero's butt puppet Biden and other administration folks for violating those Rights and recently a federal district court Judge issued an order on the matter supporting the Joes.

(That first person view when you try to force a Sailor (Codename: Shipwreck w/ his trusty Parakeet "Polly") into an indemnified experiment.)

The "Lords of Your Land" surely don't have to go to court to fight for their Rights because they do not have to follow any "mandates" to get shot with "Pharma Phluid"...'cuz no one's going to fire them over it.  Poynter points out that:

"President Joe Biden says all federal employees will have to be vaccinated and weekly tests are not an option to get out of taking the shot. But one big group of people who get paid out of the federal treasury won’t have to get vaccinated: Congress.

The thing to remember is that the president controls the executive branch of government but can’t tell the legislative branch what to do, so Congress can make its own rules about vaccine requirements.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said back in April there would not be a vaccine requirement for members of Congress and their staff.

USA Today says that while the number is not certain, the best estimate is that about one in five members of Congress is not vaccinated. But the figure could be different from that:

Disclosure of member’s vaccination status has relied solely on an honor system, so an exact vaccination rate is hard to pin down. CNN reported 97 House Republicans refused to disclose their vaccination status, indicating the number is likely higher than 81%."

Pelosi even said the government can't force the "Spike Protein Poke" on the "people" but she was likely referring to "people" as in "Members of Congress" as she's totally cool with the "Juicy Jab" being forced upon the tax cattle.

Many politicians, and their propaganda-pushing "Sell-ebrities" like Tom Hanks, have claimed to been sick, played the "mask theater" trick, or have been "inoculated while the Fake News happened to be there."   These publicity stunts are done in an attempt to try and make the non-questioning "vaxxxine-hesitant" sheeple more comfortable with the idea that there is "something spooky in the air" and convince them to accept the "Poison Poke." 

But even if video recorded...our deceitful dictators who don't actually want to take the drugs they are pushing on us all...could receive a saline shot like so many others have by "accident."  (Click the pic below to see a Google search showing you many "saline" whoopsie daisies that were reported.  Whose to say how many went unreported?  🤔) 

Or they could use a Hollywood-motion-picture-production-grade fake needle like this fibbin' fruitcake, Sadiq Kahn(man):

(Download this video like we did so you can keep it. It was found HERE from this YouTuber.)

And the definition of "fully vaxxxed" is changing as they predictably move the goalposts.  So if they only have the J&J single dose or any of the double dose vaxxxes...they'll need to least two more times that we know of...with the 4th shot just being announced recently by Pfizer.

Good Morning America has even more on the 4th dose, if you don't believe the headlines:

And as of the posting of this article...there's supposedly now been a country (Turkey) talking about a 5th shot...bringing this meme to life:

(Memes are like Tarot Cards but far more accurate at predicting the future.)

One Big Pharma Billionaire said they'll need a whole new set of vaxxxines for the "Megatron Ultramagnus" variant so will anyone ever be "fully vaxxxinated"?

Don't believe the headline?  Here's a video:

Did we say one Big Pharma dude?  We meant two.  Here's Pfizer's grand wizard:

But if they get the vaxxxine...and others already have it...then why do they care if some don't have it?  Aren't they protected?   Can't they take off their "Pandemic Panic Panties"? 🤔


The "fully vaxxxed" crash test dummies are still fully capable of getting and spreading Cooties-19 so they still have to #MaskUp and will need to take infinite boosters. 

Like triple-vaxxxed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin...(the guy who fired all the pureblood troops)...who recently "Tested Positive" being a hypocrite.

Or the multitude of cruise ships with so-called "outbreaks" despite the entire crew & all the passengers being required to show proof of being "fully vaccinated" prior to stepping foot on the deck.

Even isolated AS FUCK Antarctic Ice Wall Researchers allegedly got the "Rona" after being fully vaxxxinated.  One wonders...what are they doing to get it out there?  Having relations with snow pangolins(Probably using tests that bring about false positives but maybe they're spraying this shit out in chemtrails?)

Oh's how they got it...(since planes don't fly over the "South Pole" despite it being a much shorter trip)...the islands are named after all the different species of the "Bogus Bug"...because you can totally get sick solely based on the name of the landmass you're standing on.  Everyone knows this.  🙄

Of course...immunity is what vaxxxines used to claim to provide but the definition was changed recently...along with the W.H.O. changing the definition to "Herd Immunity."

In fact, the "Cerveza Virus Juice" was sold as providing immunity at will "stop transmission and stop the spread."  Remember?  If not, peep the "experts" themselves saying exactly that in this video compilation:

Then the definition of a vaxxxine was changed and the over time, the vaxxxine that supposedly provided immunity at first...began to be sold as providing "lessened symptoms."  Peep this video to see the transformation of the "Shot Heard 'Round The World":

But NOT A DOCTOR Bill Gates, World Owner, says you don't have a're getting shot up with whatever it is...even if it doesn't work the way they say it does:

Despite what Snopes has claimed to have debunked...Bill Gates himself has talked openly in a now heavily censored & hidden interview about how his Father was the HEAD OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD.  Strange that it's being lied about by the deviant co-owner of the "debunking" website who cheated on his co-owner wife with a porn star/prostitute...probably afforded to him by "kind donors" who simply requested Snopes' "discretion" on a variety of newsworthy topics.

See?  Scary, huh?  Why did we have the feeling back in 2020 that we probably shouldn't trust a microchip-loving, anti-human, selfish son of the head of Planned Parenthood who profits from the very drug he and his cronies are trying to force upon the entire population of Earth...including the animals?   

It seems as if it's all a who cares if the "Evil Emperors" say "We were vaxxxed so we can take off the mask!"...?

If that's true...well, one might be inclined to ask: "Then why did you wear a bank robber's disguise for photos?"

We know the answer, don't we, y'all?  Because it's all a big show to sell us on giving up our privacy and our bodily autonomy.

We're not just talking about getting shot with experimental "Scientism Jizm" every so often, whenever they wish to pump you up...but also using your "phone" to track every where you go...who you meet up be able to justify "quarantining" that ass...which is actually just house arrest without a trial, without charges, & without evidence to prove you to be "guilty." 

They're using Cooties-19 and the George Floyd Incident combined as another 9/11

The first is stoking the fear of a curfew-&-height-detecting "disease" and the second is pushing sometimes-angry-and-other-times-just-evil black folks to use these "Face Diaper Disguises" to hide their identity & hide amongst the "MuzzleManiacs" to commit anti-White, anti-Asian racial revenge crime and/or pushing criminals of all races to commit non-racially targeted crimes with as much immunity as the manufacturers of the "ModeRNA Mucous." 

The fear allows the "Master Class" to offer promises of "safety" so they can bring in all sorts of long-planned, mass surveilance and compliance tech and begin continue reading your "encrypted, private" messages to see if you are in the Taliban have any thought crimes against the "New Normal."

(While companies are already working with governments on installing cameras or camera-ready "LED Lights" for so-called "Smart Cities" (aka Invisidible Prisons)...other companies like Avigilon by Motorola are really looking forward to selling businesses and governments these new total surveilance machines...all in the name of the "Plannedemic."  Almost like they planned this ahead of time.)

(But remember...calling this a "Plannedemic" is "disinformation."  Skynet probably just whipped these Terminators up during the "2 Weeks To Flatten The Curve.")

They've not only likely been listening to your phone calls and...(near-light-pole)...near-phone, in-your-house chatter for keywords but also for coughs to see if you're "sick."

Then later...(like soon)...that will morph to...OPENLY STATING they are listening to your phone calls and near-phone, in-house chatter, as many already believe was happening after seeing specific ads popping up after having a conversation with someone near a "smart device."  Though some may argue that Snowden's reveals were proof that this is happening now.

(Maybe that "phone" will morph into a "chip"...but that's probably just a conspiracy theory.)

Now those "radical plans" your Family & you discussed...about...(gasp!)...going shopping for food without a "Smother Cover" or "Hocus Pocus Prick Potion"...or even worse...(shriek!)...creating an anti-vaxxxine Halloween yard display or hanging posters to expose the fraud by using your Constitutionally-protected, God-given Civil Right of Freedom Of Speech to wake up your neighbors with rad messages & memes...will be thwarted with a pre-emptive strike.

You'll be pre-crime-arrested before you even get a chance to pick a cart at the grocery store, stake a foam tombstone in the ground, or slap a copy to a brick wall. 

It'll be a lot like what the Militarized PoPo did to these poor folks in these now-old MTV "Coming Police State Warnings":

Or...perhaps instead of raiding your home at 3 A.M. in the morning and shooting your beloved Wolfie...the "Powers That Be" might just hit you with a negative social credit score to ban you from social media, trains, ride shares, planes, banks, & stores.  Sort of like how the Communist Party did to this MMA Fighter for exposing fake traditional Chinese martial arts "masters":

Damn...this really happening.  But as once-beloved-tranny-rocker-now-known-anti-freedom-pro-needlerape-soybert-bitch, Dee Snyder, once said: "WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT!" 

This hoax is about as ridiculous as the midst of the "Plannedemic", in 2020, with no "Extraordinary Unquestionable Injectable Elixir" at the time...that WWE wrestlers and refs have to wear "Hypochondriac Cloths" over their snouts backstage but then they can all participate in TWO different 30 man...errr..."person" over the top rope battle royals WHERE NO WORKER WORE A MASK UNLESS THEY WERE LUCHADORES.

("The Virus" Spike Protein is clearly scared to enter the squared circle as the secret 31st entrant.)

None of it makes sense but it's that the point?  The jig is up...the news is out...though heavily shadowbanned and censored...and more people are waking up to the double standard deception everyday.

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