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YouTube Dumps "Covid-19 News" Carousel To Pump "Muh Russians" War Propaganda

Published February 25th, 2022
By Kyle Reese

As DemonKKKrats & Warhawk Rinos across the U.S.S.A. pretend to "lift the mask mandates"...which they had no right installing in the first order to try and stop a massive working class rebellion from rising up like they saw happen up in Ottawa...and loosing their asses in the upcoming elections...they're quickly replacing it with the grody, reheated leftovers we've all grown tired of:  The ol' "Russia Russia Russia" fear porn.

A screen shot of YouTube's normie-brain-rot-time-guzzling-traps-galore main landing page from Wednesday, February 23rd at 8:35 PM shows the now ubiquitous "Fact Checker"-curated "Covid-19 News" carousel chock full of "4th Dose" fake news pieces...likely brought to you by Pfizer:

(Looks like Israel isn't the only place going for the quadruple jab these days, aye?)

Fast forward 24 hours later and what do you find in place of the "Covid-19 News" carousel?  🤔

As of 10:24 AM on Thursday, February'll find the 🆕 so-called "BREAKING NEWS" carousel pumped up with "We gotta defend "democracy" a kazillion miles away at the Ukraine border while we simultaneously let the southern border of the USA flap wide open like a screen door in a tornado and sick the National Guard on the DC Freedom Fighting Trucker Convoy" horseshit gaslighting:

Ha Ha!  They tell you.  Time to flip the script!

Now watch the corrupt establishment & all these brainwashed sheeple FUCKS who played their respective "Secret King" roles in implementing & micromanaging this life-ruining "Plannedemic" play stupid like:

"Huh...What masks?  Who made you & your kids wear masks?  D-List Sell-ebrity, Rashida Jones & "Not-A-Doctor" Bill Gates said Ritualistic Shame Muzzles are like pants so what was the big problem even if you did have to wear them?  It's not like you couldn't breathe with them on...that study was retracted.  What do you mean "lockdowns"?  We never shut 200,000 businesses down!  Who fired you from your job?  You still had free choice!  What do you mean kids aren't developing correctly with remote learning and Face Diapers?  You're a racist if you support the Canadian Trucker Convoy and refuse to Heil Fauci!'s Russia!  Help us fight to secure the border...of Ukraine."

Guess someone's border security is muy importante...just not AMERICA'S.  LOL!  😆

What's crazy is...these World WARPIGS do this sort of shit all the much so...we all should know by now that they're ALWAYS LYING.

Waaaaay the year 2000 and 1...the puppeteers of America "pulled" a giant psy-op where the Twin Towers were supposedly destroyed by planes hijacked by 15 Saudis, 2 Egyptians, an Emerati, & a Lebanese.  (Not one Iraqi or Afghanistani.)

Strangely enough...Firefighters reported bombs blowing up at the base of the Twin Towers.

Then there was Building 7...which the BBC reported had crashed down nearly a half hour before it actually did...and which was never hit by a plane...yet fell into it's own footprint after "office fires."

And the Pentagon was hit with SOMETHING that made a circular hole in the outer wall.  That something is still a mystery...because it was definitely not a passenger plane as no wings or engines were found.

The Twin Towers was the main focus of that era's "Mockingbird"  operation, though.

The horror stories of people burning alive & jumping out the skyscrapers were repeated over & over in every newspaper & magazine...on every TV channel, radio station, & news website..24/7...for weeks and rally a sentiment of murderous revenge...driving the naive, MSM-trusting children of America to volunteer to invade Iraq and Afghanistan...not because either country attacked the USA on 9/11...but rather...for G.O.L.D.

Yes...G.O.L.D.  The acronym for Gold, Oil, Lithium (Batteries for smart devices), & Drugs (Opium for Big Pharma). 

Pat Tillman was one of the thousands of American Bad Asses who were unknowingly tricked into giving up their ONE life...and in his case...his lucrative NFL career...for what they mistakenly thought was a noble cause in seeking revenge for the innocent lives lost due to the "9/11 attacks."

Instead...Tillman was gun downed by his own countrymen in an ultimate flophouse move and thousands upon thousands of American troops, Iraqi troops, and civilians were killed and maimed.

Then we all thought then-Senator Barry Otero Barrak Obama was going to "end the war" when he became President...but of course...that didn't happen.

The lucky American soldiers that survived the carnage caused by their masters forcing them to illegally invade a sovereign country without a really good reason...came back home to find they didn't fight to "maintain freedom" nor to "attain more freedoms"...but actually...they fought for more slavery

Finding themselves within an invisible jail cell entrapping the USA and the entire Earth.  A prison planet, if you will.

Things like they are being listened to & watched through the Afghan Lithium-powered smart devices.

They are discriminated against because they won't wear 2 to 3 Face Diapers.

They have to be forcefully injected multiple-to-infinite times with indemnified concoctions with unknown ingredients.

They they can't speak their minds on their own social media profiles or in their own yards.  OR IN THEIR OWN HOMES!?!

They can't own so-called "high capacity" magazines of a measly 10 fuckin' rounds!  😲

They can't see their dying loved ones.

They can't afford the inflated prices for gas & food.

They can't even peacefully protest forced drugging mandates without having the National Guard activated against them.

If they can't afford the basic essentials then they surely can't afford the exorbitant medical bills brought on by the injuries they sustained from defensive attacks from native Iraqi's attempting to protect their homeland from high-tech invaders wielding advanced R.C. death machines

AND of course, the very government that sent them overseas AND still steals money from their own soldiers AND all the working class...refuses to pay for their own soldiers medical bills.

But they will pay for Muggle Muzzles to be shipped door to door at a cost of 5 BILLION DOLLAR$.

So the desperate troops are forced to join "cuntry sanger" Trace Adkins (or was it Alan Jackson? 🤔) in begging the already-taxed tax slaves to "donate" to help fix'em up like The Six Million Dollar Man.

It's just too bad we'll never see Iraq War-victims' families hiring troops to track down the anti-American and completely genocidal George Bush, the dangerous-with-shotguns Dick Cheney, or Vaxxxine Passport Digital ID-pushing & totally tyrannical Tony Blair in a manner similar to how the German soldiers of World War II are hunted to this very day to be tried for war crimes.

Hopefully, by now...most folks have learned about how this particular "Sith Mind Trick" works...(they haven't)...and are able to snap out of their zombified state of thoughtlessness...(they won't) realize how the "Global Elites" are not actually against each other.

Instead...they are WWE-style frenemies who argue and "wrestle" in order to lure the marks of each country into fighting one another so to "meat grind" the world population down to a more manageable The Georgia Guidestones suggest.

Then...when nobody's looking...these "Global Elites" do secret hand shakes, drink booze n' do drugs, and bang under-aged rats backstage, on private planes, boats & yachts, and on islands.

This time though..."it's real guys"...LOL...and we're supposed to believe these same "Global Elites" that ALL forced masks on their citizens and share fake space programs...all the sudden..."don't like each other."  😆

But you already knew all that...didn't you? 🤔

If not...catch up, bub...before a False Flag hits and you're duped into signing up to kill strangers or become cannon fodder yourself.

Ain't nothing "glorious" about gettin' killed by a tree tank.

Plus, as proud Americans...we don't want our owners to have to...unleash their own unique line of G.I. Joe + Transformer hybrids on that assThat'd be wrong. 🙄

Boy...if you really think about says a lot when YouTube thinks Cooties-19 is yesterday's news that's no longer worthy of it's own cringe-filled carousel.

Time to focus on pumpin' up the jam on that war propaganda...without the dislike button

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