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Dr. John Littell has treated some 3,000 patients with the human version of Ivermectin and has seen it's positive results.  But hospitals across the country would not accept the fact that there was an effective, early treatment and refused to allow Doctors to prescribe the miracle drug, in which the inventors of won the Nobel Peace Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 2015.  This Doc says denying this miraculous medicine to "Co-Vid patients" has already cost 10's of thousands of lives.  The FDA admits it has "insufficient evidence" to show that Ivermectin does or doesn't work...but at the same time, the FDA also gave Emergency Use Authorization and then full approval to injectable MRNA gene therapy drugs (aka "VAXXXINE$") despite having "insufficient evidence" that the jabs do or don't work.  And now, there is actual real world evidence showed jabs are inefficient at protecting one from catching or spreading Cooties-19...but you're "encouraged" to go on and get your 3rd or 4th booster shot.  That'll work, right? 🙄

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